Cloud Services

Best Cloud Computing is one of the key technologies that is transforming the role of enterprises IT departments from running back office transactional systems of record to running cutting edge real-time systems of engagement.

  • Easy Access – Cloud makes application and data access easier, anywhere, anytime and from any kind of device.
  • Security – High quality automated network analysis by cloud computing eliminates new security threats
  • Disaster Recover – Cloud eliminates the need for complex disaster recovery plans.
  • Cost Saving – The costs of buying and maintaining servers, hiring dedicated IT staff and upgrading software all becomes unnecessary with Cloud.
  • Scalability – The sheer capacity of remote servers gives small businesses the flexibilty despite the lack of resources.

A proper cloud strategy should take into account the strategic and technological fit for each application and environment. In addition, the expected investment cost and business benefit should be modeled and planned for accordingly. Best cloud hosting in Abu Dhabi99.99% up-time SLA on cloud Servers, Business Continuity solutions and Managed cloud Hosting services.


DCVault ensures customers to outsource their critical systems to us with complete peace of mind and enable them to focus on their core business while we take care of their IT infrastructure and other technology concern which is our core business. DCVault delivers secure, reliable, and scalable hosting, network, application and consulting services to the customer.

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Virtual Hosting

Virtual Hosting services is DC Vaults cloud computing based service offered to customer who wants to take advantage of latest server virtualization technology to ensure best utilization of hosted IT infrastructure. Virtual host offers features of dedicated hosting at the cost of shared hosting. It gives customer powerful features of hosting environment like security, data transfer, data backup, enterprise storage and operating system with hardening bundled with virtual server using Server Virtualization on cloud computing platform.

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Email & Collaboration Services

DC Vaults hosted exchange module offers you everything you require to design, sell, bill, provision and manage hosted exchange. Whether starting with single exchange server or have a running Exchange Server cluster, DC Vaults works with any type of new or existing infrastructure.

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Storage & BackUp As A Service

As the data growth of enterprises continue, a dependable storage solution has become a key to the continued success. As your critical data inevitably grows, a dedicated storage solution frees up space on your compute servers and take away from them the data management overheads resulting in to improved performance of compute environment. With improvement in technology for backup automation, storage based backup takes away the backup overheads from backup as well as compute environments resulting into a healthier compute and backup performance.

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Managed Services

  • Managed Network Services
  • Managed AntiVirus / AntiSpam Features
  • Managed VAPT
  • Managed WAF – Web Application Firewall
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